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LOCATION Work Description
4th line Deck
Abitibi abe 24 Addition for house
Aldwych Ave 23 Basement alteration for house
Altamont Road 40 Addition for house
Andora crest 96 Shed
Apple Valley way 98 Basement Apartment addition
Applefield Dr 91 Major Addition for Residence
Artherton ave 62 Basement Alteration
Ashdale Ave 197 Addition
Ashdale Ave 245 Addition
Aziel st 63a Addition for house
Bennett pl 2 Major Addition for Residence
Bernice crest 119 Addition
Bloor st 378 Restaurant
Bloor st w 2420 Interior alteration
Bloor st w 520 Restaurant
Bonnyview Dr 22 Major Addition for Residence
Bridport Crest 35 Porch addition
Brimorton 949 Addition for house
Britton Trail 153 deck
Broadway Ave 393 Porch roof
Brookshire cir 30 Interior alteration for house
Brownfield Garden 438 Addition for house
Burnhamthorpe Park 25 Addition for house
Burrows Hall 344 Addition for house
Carlaw ave 109 deck
Cassels Ave 40 Interior alteration
Cedric Ave 120 Interior alteration
Chartwell Rd 62 Addition for house
Chesham Dr 45 Addition for house
Clendenan Ave 99 Interior alteration for house
Clinton st 89 Addition for house
Clinton st 93 Addition for house
Clydebank blvd 20 Addition
Colin Ave 137 Interior alteration for house
Cornerstone rd 10 Addition for house
Country estate 34 Interior alteration for house
Cumberland ave 710 Commercial
Davids Drive 52 Interior alteration for Commercial
Davos Rd 155 Addition for house
Dayfoot dr 4827 Basement Alteration
Deerford Rd 33 Major Addition for Residence
Delta st 277 Major Addition for Residence
Dilworth Chase 13 Basement Alteration
Divadale Dr 161 Interior alteration for house
Dorchester Dr 2 Deck
Dufferin st 8777 deck deck
Dufferin st 8777 unit 33 interior alteration
Dundas st w 2986 Coffee shop
East Ave 378 Addition
Edith Dr 110 Interior alteration for house
Edmund cres 3 Addition - walkout stair
Eglington ave w 1048 Nail shop
Elinor St 8 Addition for house
Ellesmere ave 4088 Addition
Ellis Park rd 134 Major Addition for Residence
Elton Crest 20 2 Dwelling severance
Empire Ave 39 Addition for house
Evelyn Ave 30 Interior alteration for house
Fairside ave 68 Major Addition for Residence
fairview mall Tea monkey coff shop
Falstaff ave 94 Addition for house
Falstaff ave 98B Addition for house
Ferrier ave 47 Addition for house
Fielder Drive 979 Addition for house
Finch ave 28 unit 109 Interior alteration+plumbing
Floyd Ave 84 Interior alteration for house
Fred Varley dr 57 Addition for house
Gainsborough Rd 328 Basement Alteration
Gamma St 191 Addition for house
Gerrard st e 1964 Addition for house
Gilbert Ave 4 Addition
Gilmour Ave 63 Addition for house
Gladstone ave 468 Interior alteration for house
Glasworthy ave 36 Interior alteration
Glenlake Ave 423 Addition for house
Glenlake ave 426 Addition for house
Golden Ave 4 Addition for house
Gooderham garage addition
Gooderham Dr 108 Detached Garage + interior alteration
Gowan Ave 159 addition
Gradwell Dr 126 Addition for house
Greendale ave 72 Addition for house
Haig blvd 1432 New Residence
Halsey ave 90 unit2 Restaurant takeout
Hammersmith Ave 17 addition
Hammersmith ave 19 Addition for house
Hammersmith ave 67 Interior alteration for house
Hammond Rd 2559 deck
Harzoln ave 29 Interior alteration for house
Havelock Gate 58 Addition for house
Heathdale dr 42 Major Addition for Residence
Henderson Ave 8 Major Addition for Residence
Highland Park blvd 80 New Residence
Hildenboro sq 81 Basement Apartment addition
Holbourne Ave 75 Addition
Holcolm Road 85 Addition for house
Inverleigh Major Addition for Residence
Jackson Square Restaurant
James speight 37 Addition for house
Jaybell Grove 348 Major Addition for Residence
Jenson Crt 5 Addition for house
John Button Blvd 86 Addition
Keewatin Ave 351 Interior alteration
Kempview Ln 214 Addition
Kenmuir Ave 1338 New Residence
Kenwood ave 28 Addition for house
Kipling 1239 Addition for house
Komura Road 105 Addition for house
Lake Dr N 1 New Residence
Lamton Ave 203 New Residence
Larwood Blvd 64 Addition
Laughton ave 77 addition
Launder 356 Addition for house
Lawrence Ave w 402 Interior alteration for house
Lexington Dr 12 Interior alteration
Littoral Pl 19 Addition
Lloyd Manor dr 93 New Residence
Lorca Crest 6354 Basement Alteration
Lynhaven rd 45 Complete kitchen
Lynnhaven rd 45 Complete kitchen
Lynvalley crest 57 Interior alteration for house
Mackay Ave 91 Interior alteration for house
Main St 22 Restaurant
Main st e 202 Front door change
Malaren Rd 23 Addition for house
Manor 301 Addition for house
Maplewood ave 88 Major Addition for Residence
Marble Arch 80 addition
Marble Arch crest 80 Major Addition for Residence
Marble arch rd 26 Garage
Markham Rd 204 Addition for house
Meadowview ave 37 Interior alteration for house
Medway Crest 19 Addition for house
Melton Dr 940 Complete kitchen
Milverton Blvd 374 Interior alteration for house
Miranda ave 73 Addition
Mission Ridge Trail 83 Basement Apartment addition
Misty Moor Dr 54 Addition for house
Mitchell ave 83 Addition for house
Moldovan dr 32 Deck
Morain Hill 156 Interior alteration for house
Moreau trail 69 Interior alteration
Mountain Rd 15 Review and stamp
Mountbatten Rd 18 Basement Alteration
Nicholls Complete kitchen Complete kitchen
Norfolk st n 26 Addition
Normandale 57 Basement Alteration
North Servie rd 589 Commercial Bakery
Olive ave143 Addition for house
Park st 25 Addition
Parkland Rd 8 Addition
Peel Village Parkway 1 New Residence
Pelee ave 19 Deck
Pemberton Ave 154 Addition for house
Pharmacy ave 72 Addition for house
Philips ave 68 Addition for house
Pine Ave 314 Addition
Primrose Land 320 Basement Apartment addition
Prince Philip blvd 59 Addition for house
Princess Diana Dr 92 Basement finish
Queen st 1103 Coffee shop
Radley Rd 201 New Residence
Richard Clark 185 Basement Apartment addition
Ridgewood Rd 181 Interior alteration
Riveroak blvd 415 Interior alteration for house
Roanoke Rd 82 Major Addition for Residence
Robina ave 18 Deck
Rochdale Ave 3 Side door addition
Rogers Rd 529 Review and stamp
Roncesvalle ave 458 Addition for house
Rosebud Crt 33 Interior alteration for house
Royal York rd 880 Interior alteration for house
Rutherford Road 1101 Nail shop
Sammon Ave 363 Interior alteration
Schubert crest 12 Addition for house
Seahorse Ave 51 Addition for house
Shanahan Blvd 711 Addition for house
Silver oaks Blvd 2 Addition for house
Silvermoon Ave 57 deck
Silverstone 389 Interior alteration for house
Snowberry ln Cottage
Sonny st 75 Addition for house
Southlake lvd 63 Basement Alteration
Southvale Dr 43 Interior alteration for house
Stephensbrook Cl 97 Basement Apartment addition
Stone Rd 248 Interior alteration for house
Summer Height 6780 Deck
Summerfield crest 11 Complete kitchen
Swindale Dr 274 Basement Apartment addition
Taffey Crest 4300 Addition for house
Tanjoe crt 103 Interior alteration
Teefy Ave 106 Inetrior alteration for house
The chase 2129 deck
The gore Rd 16289 deck
Thimbleweed st 30 Interior alteration for house
Timble berryway Complete kitchen
Toulon Dr 35 Addition
Tower hill Rd 126 Unit 13 Interior Alteration for commercial
Triple Crown Ave 132 Basement Alteration
Unit 48 William Parkway Interior alteration for industrial
Varency Drive 2110 Major Addition for house
Velaine Pl 16 Addition for house
Viewbank Crest 178 Addition for house
Wade ave 19A Interior alteration for house
Walcheren Borden Addition - roof
Walter scott crest 38 Interior alteration for house
Warnica Ave 51 Garage
Waverley Rd 126 Addition for house
Westminster 36 Addition for house
Westmoreland Ave 78 Interior alteration for house
Weston Rd 1217 Coin Laundry
Wilard Ave 411 Interior alteration
Wimbleton Crt 40 Basement Apartment addition
Winston Park 39 Addition for house
Woodbine Ave 1330 Addition
Woodbine Ave 994 Interior alteration for house
Woodgrange Ave 386 Interior alteration
Woodmount Ave 212 Addition
World on Yonge Unit 177 Tatto shop
World on Yonge Unit 93 Nail shop
Wyewood Rd 3705 Basement Apartment addition
Yonge st 4905 Major addition for Commercial
Yonge st 6048 Restaurant
Yonge st 7717 interior commercial
York mills 133 Major Addition for house